Players and parents

Team Captain
Each team will have a captain’s roster which will be handed out at the beginning of each season. The captain roster will have each member of the team rotating the role of captain throughout the season. It is the captain’s responsibility to bring individually wrapped lollies to share at half-time and at the end of the game. (Please ensure no nuts) 

On the day your daughter or son is rostered to captain, you will also be required to be the parent helper for that game.

The Parent Helper role is to score for the game:
If HV are named 1st, you must collect the score sheet from reception/front desk and score. The parent helper must also ensure player positions are filled in for each quarter on the scorecard. 

If HV are named 2nd, the parent helper must stand with the opposition scorer for the game and press the buttons that update the electronic scoreboards.

The parent helper must also agree the score is correct with the scorer from the opposing team each quarter, to minimise disputes at
the end.

As your child is team captain for the day you must ensure they sign the scorecard after the game. The winning team returns the scorecard to the front desk after it has been signed by umpires and team captains.

If you are unavailable, please arrange a swap with another parent and let the Team Manager or Coach know ASAP.

If you have any questions about your role on the day, ensure you ask the Team Manager, Coach or a Committee member.

How to score
Please refer to the guide below:

netball score sheet

Player Unavailability
If you are unavailable for any reason you must notify your coach as soon as possible to assist them with team management.
If teams are then short of players, it gives the club time to locate fill-ins and organise uniforms.

All players must wear the correct Highvale uniform for game day. Highvale provides players with the option of a club A-line dress or club T-shirt and shorts. Should an exemption be required on religious or cultural grounds, please contact the Club Secretary who will make the appropriate request to the WNNA.

More information about uniforms is found here.

Jewellery, Nails and Accessories
The only jewellery permitted to be worn is a wedding ring which must be taped.
Nails must be cut short or taped and approved by the front desk before the player takes the court.

If you have recent piercings which cannot be removed, they must be taped. 

Tape for nails or piercings can be purchased from the front desk.

Team and Spectator Behaviour
Highvale takes behavioural codes very seriously and expects exemplary behaviour from its players and spectators at all times. The WNNA has a clear protocol that must be followed in the event of an incident. All members agree to this conduct upon registration through netball connect. A copy of this code of conduct can be found here