Financial Policy

The Financial procedures of the club are derived in the first instance from the Highvale Netball Club Constitution. Note; these are extracts from the Constitution:

4.4 Responsibilities and Powers of Club Committee: The Committee shall: –

  • 4.4.3. Determine seasonal subscriptions, and any other levies deemed necessary.

4.6 Duties of Executive:

  • 4.6.3. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall: –
    • Receive all monies on behalf of the club, and shall deposit same to the credit of the club as soon as possible, in such bank as the Executive shall appoint.
    • Pay all accounts.
    • Keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs of the club with full details of receipts and expenditure connected with the activities of the club. Such accounts and books shall be available for inspection by members.
    • Financial Year for the Association will run from 1st November to the 31st October the following year, all books to be closed by the 31st October to enable to enable preparation of Annual Treasurers Report to be presented at the AGM.
    • Ensure that there are at least three (3) official signatories for banking. These would consist of at least the President, Secretary and Treasurer.
    • Ensure cheques drawn by the club are signed by any two of the official signatories.

8.1 Subscriptions

  • 8.1.1. The funds of the club shall be derived from Subscriptions and other sources as determined by the Club Committee.
  • 8.1.2. All players must pay their subscription by the third round of the season, or later at the discretion of the Executive.
  • 8.1.3. The Executive may invoke suspension for late or non-payment of subscriptions.

8.2 Petty Cash

  • 8.2.1. An approved member of the committee may draw an amount approved by the committee against Petty Cash, provided a Petty Cash Book is kept showing all incidental expenditure.

8.3 Auditor

  • 8.3.1. An Auditor, if required, who shall not be a member of the club, shall be appointed by the Executive and ratified at the Annual General Meeting.

12.1 Funds

  • 12.1.1. The funds of the club shall be derived from Subscriptions and other sources as determined by the Club Committee.

12.2  Winding up or Cancellation

  •  12.2.1. In the event of winding up or the cancellation of the incorporation of the club, the assets of the club shall be disposed of in accordance with the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.

1. Fee Setting

On advice from the Treasurer, the committee will set Club fees for playing members each season to cover the expected costs of the following components:

  1. Team entry fees set by the Waverley City Netball Association (WCNA). These fees are published in the WCNA information booklet provided to clubs at their Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  2. Umpire payments, which, at a minimum, are equal to what WCNA pay their panel umpires. The Umpire Coordinator shall check with the WCNA Umpire Coordinator intermittently to ensure consistency.
  3. Coaching development.
  4. Training and playing equipment, for example, balls, bibs, patches, bags, etc.
  5. General administration of the club, for example, Consumer Affairs registration, printing, AGM expenses, etc.

The club is a non-profit organisation. Fees may be collected by cash, cheque, electronic funds transfer (EFT) or by the online payment gateway linked to MyNetball.

1.1 Player Registration

At least one month prior to the team entry due date (as set by WCNA), all existing players and any other players who have shown interest in joining the club will be emailed registration advice which will include a link to Highvale’s online registration sign-up form. This link will also be made available on the Club’s website.

The following three payments are made to WCNA with the relevant forms.

  1. WCNA team entry fees for current season
  2. NV Membership fee for each player who registered through the Club’s online registration portal (once per player per year)
  3. WCNA Affiliation Fee ($1)

All payments to WCNA will be made by cheque or EFT.

1.2 Outstanding Fees

Players who have not paid their fees are sent a reminder before the beginning of the season. Subsequent individual reminders are sent at the discretion of the committee.

Players who have not paid their fees in full by the third game will not be allowed to take the court from the fourth game onwards until the fees have been paid in full. This rule will be waived in cases where financial hardship occurs and the committee approves a payment plan or an extension in time to pay.

1.3 Fee Refunds.

For a player to be eligible for a refund they need to apply in writing to the Secretary of the Highvale Netball Club. The Club at its discretion may request a medical certificate or sufficient evidence as to the reason for the non participation. A credit against the next seasons fees will be preferred. Monetary refunds will be at the discretion of the committee.

Refunds will be made by cheque or EFT.

1.4 Players starting part way though a Season

For players commencing during grading games, full Club fees will be expected. For players joining after re-grading, the Club fees will be determined by the committee, taking into consideration the number of games remaining in the season, not including finals.

Note: Players must still hold a current NV membership, having either paid the annual fee or purchased a Single Game Voucher (SGV) from WCNA. SGV’s may be purchased a maximum of four (4) times in a calendar year, as per WCNA’s By-Laws, before a full membership must be purchased to continue playing/umpiring/coaching.

2. Payment to Umpires

Umpires will be paid a fee determined by the committee based on their level of experience, qualifications and time slot they are rostered to umpire. At a minimum, payment to umpires will be equal to what WCNA pay their panel umpires. The Umpire Coordinator shall check with the WCNA Umpire Coordinator intermittently to ensure consistency.

Umpires will umpire at a level consistent with the Umpire Development Guidelines as provided by WCNA.  A refund to the umpire for the (online) Foundation Umpire Education Course will be made after the umpire has achieved their C-badge.

Umpires will be paid at the completion of each half-season (as per the umpiring timetable determined by WCNA) by cheque or EFT.

3. Role of Treasurer

Refer to Highvale Netball Club Incorporated Constitution, section 4.6.3.

4. Record keeping

The Treasurer must keep financial records that:

  1. record and explain its transactions and financial position, and
  2. allow the preparation of ‘true and fair’ financial statements.

Financial records include:

  1. Invoices
  2. Receipts
  3. Cheques
  4. Documents that record the above (including bank statements)

Financial records will be kept for seven (7) years.

5. Banking

Ensure cheques drawn and EFT payments made by the club are signed/authorised by any two of the official signatories. Any change of signatories must be officially recorded in the Club’s minutes at the corresponding meeting and signed by two executives.  The new signatory will complete the required steps in accordance with the financial institution’s requirements.

6. Managing Cash Payments

It is preferable that Coaches should not accept cash payments from players or players’ parents/guardians. If uniform or any other payments are made electronically, proof of payment must be provided prior to collection of netball uniforms, apparel, etc.

Payments can be made by:

  1. cash or cheque, handed to a Committee person; Cash can only be accepted in a sealed & labeled envelope,
  2. EFT (players or players’ parent(s)/guardian(s) must ensure players name is included as a reference), or
  3. via the online payment gateway linked to the Club’s online sign-up form (MyNetball).

7. Audit

An Auditor, if required in accordance with Consumer Affairs Victoria (financial statements and auditing requirements- incorporated associations), who shall not be a member of the club, shall be appointed by the Executive and ratified at the AGM.