Bhavya Sethi Spirit Award

On the 15th of December, 2017 we sadly lost one from our Highvale family at only 23 years of age to brain cancer. Bhavya Sethi was a much loved player of Dynamites, joining them in 2008 as an eager 14 year old, and in 2013 she began coaching our U11 Starlets. Her sense of humour was unique and she could not only motivate people, but also make them smile and laugh effortlessly – the perfect coach and teammate. Highvale Netball Club, along with her parents, Raj and Divya, are proud to have established The Bhavya Sethi Sprit Award in her memory. This award aims to embody the energy, good will and giving nature that Bhavya gave to not only our Club, but her broader community.

About Bhavya
Written by Raj Sethi

Bhavya was able to pack a lot into the short time she had with us. I think she managed to give more to the world and her immediate community than she took from it. 

During her primary school years, in addition to the day to day routine, she made the time to learn Auslan as well as Indian language “Hindi” outside of school hours. She had an interest in music and was the school music captain. She never needed any help in studies and was always a self starter. Her love for the primary school was so deep that she went back there to do her work experience once in secondary school.

Adolescence, marked as a fun loving girl with a positive mind always, saw her involved in numerous fund raising events, including good Friday road collections, door knocking etc. She featured in the televised World Vision ad for the highest collection from GWSC for World Vision appeal. She camped out in the city in support of “invisible children” in Congo and took great pride in campaigning against Blood diamonds and to support fair trade chocolate. During this time she also took up radio broadcasting and was the youngest broadcaster at the 3ZZZ Indian programme. That continued on into her Uni days and she tried to volunteer once a month in her regular spot from 9-10pm.  Even with all these extracurricular activities, she did very well academically throughout the secondary years and went on to get into a double degree in Engineering and commerce at Monash Uni.

As she went into adulthood, she was able to give expression to her love for animals, especially dogs, by volunteering at RSPCA to care for dogs who had had a difficult upbringing. At Uni, she was also selected by Engineers Australia as one of four campus administrators. She took a very active part in volunteering for this role including hosting events for Engineers Australia. She did very well at Uni academically as well. She cared for the environment and demonstrated that by taking up Environmental Engineering as her career choice.

Of course she enjoyed playing netball and generally played in Goal defence. But true to her nature, she gave back to the club here as well by taking up coaching for the club.

A strong Bombers’ supporter, we never dared to take her up on in this aspect.

On top of all this, her love and support of all who came into her life was profound. Somehow, she knew how to fight for herself and still have no conflict with anyone. she had a place for all in this world, whether humans, animals or even plants. I think her ever smiling face, infectious laugh and contagious enthusiasm for life is missed by all who came in contact with her.


Any person involved with Highvale Netball Club is able to submit a nomination. The Bhavya Sethi Spirit Award will be announced and presented at the AGM.

This award will be presented annually to someone who is involved with the HNC – a player, parent, coach or volunteer who demonstrates some or all of the following qualities for which Bhavya was renowned:
  • Gives respect to all, including teammates, opposition, coaches, parents and other volunteers
  • Shows integrity and leads by example
  • Is self-motivated
  • Generous with time: is willing to help others and give back to the Club/netball.
  • Reliable with both responsibility and attendance
  • Encourages and motivates others
Trophy of the Bhavya Sethi Award for Highvale Netball Club

Award Recipients

2022 – Viv Potter

2021 – Monica Hunt

2019 – Donna Stevens

2018 – Tanna Reynolds

Photograph of the of Highvale Netball Bhavya Sethi Spirit Award trophy