Privacy Policy

Privacy legislation, along with federal legislation and health information regulations, govern how information that is collected from members is used.

Highvale Netball Club does not offer, or allow the selling of, any user-provided information to third parties, unless you first provide us with your consent to do so.

The Highvale Netball Club requires every player, coach and umpire to register with Netball Victoria.

Highvale Netball Club bases its Privacy Policy on the requirements outlined by Netball Victoria.

To see the privacy statement for Netball Victoria you can view it online at Netball Victoria Privacy Policy.

The information provided to MyNetball (Netball Victoria) may be used by the club for the following purposes:

  • To confirm member’s registration details recorded with Netball Victoria.
  • To gain consent for the use of images for promotional or other purposes.
  • To gain agreement of all players, coaches and umpires that they will abide by our ‘Code of Conduct’ and other policies available on HNC’s website.
  • To email out club specific information such as registration information, key dates, Annual General Meeting notices and informative correspondence, as well as any information needed to be distributed from the Waverley City Netball Association.
  • To return lost property.
  • Provide coaches, committee members and team managers with player lists to enable the coach to communicate efficiently with the team.
  • To provide relevant information to appropriate people to enable the club to provide the functions necessary to fulfill its obligations to teams, umpires and associates in line with the charter of the Highvale Netball Club.

Coaches and team managers are reminded that they are required to uphold this policy and only provide information to others in relation to club activities.

Player information can be reviewed by the President, Secretary and Treasurer and edited as requested by the player requiring assistance to update their details on Netball Victoria.

If players have any questions regarding how their personal information is used, please contact one of the current
committee members.